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Freezer 0.02

Freezer is a Java/SWT application that allows to keep a Deezer playlist open in a trayicon. Multiple playlists can be managed. The playlist path is the “path” parameter used for the Flash playlist; look at the playlist embed code, and identify the flash widget URL; then, just take the 'path' parameter value. For example: for the following playlist the path to insert in Freezer is 733799.

Screenshots (version 0.01)

  • Embedded Deezer
  • Popup Menu
  • Playlist management


Freezer is Copyright (C) 2007-2009 Amos Brocco and is released under the GNU/GPL 3 license. See LICENSE.txt that comes with the application for further information.

Download (version 0.02) (sources, binary, SWT runtime for Linux GTK/x86, Linux GTK/x86_64 and Win32) Note: Freezer has been tested only on GNOME. To use Freezer you need XULRunner.

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